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Getting Started: The Game Plan

Phase 1: Establishing Starting Points (Discovery Phase)

In order to find the starting point, It's Time Solutions will review your company's current infrastructure. This process will help clarify and confirm the company's culture, and provide a framework for identifying the following aspects:

  • Areas to improve (professional & personal) 
  • Professional background (training & skills) 
  • Resources (professional & personal) 
  • Personality (benefits & liabilities)

Phase 2: Finding Direction

In this phase It's Time Solutions will determine and validate the direction in which your organization is headed and why it matters to your market! We'll help you find those critical success factors by identifying:​

  • Possible roadblocks 
  • Resources needed (special training, etc.) 
  • Market viability 
  • Visions, goals and actions

Phase 3: Developing Plans

It's Time Solutions will help develop a plan for greater achievement that integrates the big picture (past, present, and future). This plan takes into consideration the internal and external motivators to create:

  • Critical Strategies for remaining focused
  • Strategies to increase productivity and efficiency
  • Strategies for reducing stress
  • Strategies for balance between internal and external customers

Phase 4: Activating Potential

Until a plan is implemented it is nothing more than a piece of paper. Realistically there will be obstacles and stumbling blocks. However, hiring the right business consultant will allow perseverance through old habits and patterns which, in part, are most likely keeping the organization from optimal market leadership, success, and overall growth. In activating a plan we want to:

  • Eliminate procrastination
  • Eliminate distractions
  • Increase confidence
  • Modify the plan when necessary