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“Shawn brought me into one of his clients for a CRM project. He was a pleasure to work with because his vast experience in the CRM world. He kept the client and us focused on what really mattered and everyone's expectations in line. Great communications and project vision are key things he brought to the team members. Since he was part of the very successful SalesLogix team at Sage for many years, he gets it! Shawn helped us be on-time and on-budget.”

Alan Lee, President and Founder, E Tech Systems, Inc

“I hired Shawn as a business consultant starting in September, 2005. Shawn continues to provide us with valuable insight for business growth strategies, negotiation techniques, equipment purchasing and employee management. Shawn is a valuable asset to our company! Thanks Shawn!

Ken Holyfield, Megapixel Digital Imaging LLC”

“Intelligent, Insightful, Objective, Personable; Shawn Healy makes them all happen in a big way. Shawn has the ability to not only quickly recognize the root causes of human system failure but the corporate experience, working knowledge and strategic thinking required to bring about positive solutions. Had we embraced and implemented Shawn’s recommendations it is very likely that so many people wouldn't have subsequently been laid off. He had the answers when we still had time to change.”

Brian Newton

“Shawn met with our whole engineering group bi-weekly to help with problems that we identified through an employee survey. By meeting with the group there was an immediate impact on employee morale. There was not an engineer out of 20 that did not look forward to their meeting with Shawn. He is great with people, while keeping the interests of the company he is consulting for first. I consider him an expert industrial Psychologist.”

Lee Smith PHR

“Shawn has supported my business from the beginning, consistently providing projects and word-of-mouth over the years. He is flexible, open to input and a driven businessman. Having observed his business for sometime I can say that he will work hard to provide your business with the best product possible while always maintaining a fair and listening ear. Perhaps most valuable of all is his honesty. In challenging economic times (and at all times), an honest voice can be priceless. Shawn is honest without being harsh or condescending - he wants the best for all involved. Your business could benefit from the input and advice of a professional like Shawn.”

Brian Erickson, Graphic/Web Designer, Erickson Design

“I had a friend working at Sage Software who recommended I interview for an open position with Shawn. As it turns out, it was a great introduction because Shawn turned out to be one of the best people I have ever worked for. Shawn is the kind of manager that looks to get his people promoted by empowering his employees and allowing them to be free thinkers. I would work with recommend Shawn and I would work with him again, if the opportunity presented itself.”

Rick Hornstrom, Manager, Corporate Sales, Sage Software

“I can't recommend Shawn highly enough. Shawn is very sharp, and feels a deep commitment to helping the people he engages. By nature Shawn leads and develops not just his clients, but also those that work for him. He is a top-notch coach, and a strong leader. I would hire him again, and I would feel comfortable working for him if the opportunity worked. That's how much trust I have in his dedication.”

Steve Hight

“Shawn and I worked in different regions but essentially with similar client bases so much of what we both did had synergy in either market. In the Asia Pacific region we used many of the methods and strategies developed by Shawn with both our internal sales team and where possible deploying to business partners. Shawn’s ability to focus the attention of each member to the task at hand really stands him out from the crowd by way of sales coachers, mentors as he is able to transcend both national and international boarders and research what is required for each particular circumstance. I would recommend Shawn for his attention to detail especially when working with sales teams and his ability to both manage and coordinate outstanding collaborative results for the team. In our region the results of working with Shawn’s methodologies and practices resulted in growth rates off the charts by any standard method. Paul Buchtmann”

Paul Buchtmann, Asia Pacific Business Development, Sage Software

"Shawn's vision and expertise was invaluable in the success of ACT! His ability to identify critical success factors and develop a plan of action is unparalleled. ACT! Was a better company because of Shawn, and I believe yours will be too!"

- Pat Sullivan Former CEO, ACT! Software

"We have seen phenomenal growth in our ACT! Corporate licensing sales. Shawn and his team set and crushed company revenue records quarter after quarter."

- Greg Head Former VP of ACT! Software

"Shawn is a visionary whose enthusiasm is contagious. He has given us the tools we need to give us the 'edge' in our business. We are grateful to him for sharing his expertise with us."

Donna M. Small Business Owner

"Shawn is a great listener. He has the ability to truly hear what you are saying and also what you are NOT saying. He has worked with me on everything from presentation coaching to long-term strategic planning. Shawn has helped me truly focus and grow my business."

- Scott P. Owner

"Shawn is a person of great passion and vision, who can often see the path to the goal line before others have even begun the journey. He is also a great motivator and leader in helping others to embrace the mission and achieve their potential."

Paul B. Executive

"Shawn has taken the dynamics of leadership and has been able to present them to me in a very applicable way. What is unique about It's Time Solutions is that Shawn doesn't make you fit into a leadership box; however, he finds your personal style of learning, as well as application, and teaches principles that have an immediate impact. Shawn has bolstered my confidence once again!"

Daniel W. Owner