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Getting Started: Strategic Planning

How does the Chief Strategy Officer (CSO) add strength to an organization?

The Harvard Business Review Publication, The Chief Strategy Officer, indicates that a qualified CSO must posses the following characteristics:

  • A master of multi-tasking
  • A jack of all trades
  • A star player
  • A doer, not just a thinker
  • An influencer, not a dictator
  • Comfortable with ambiguity
  • Deeply trusted and reliable
  • One who has short and long term objectives in mind

Breene, T. S., Nunes, P. F. & Shill, W. E. (September 2007). The Chief Strategy Officer. Harvard Business Review, 6.

It's Time Solutions' expectations of a CSO:The Chief Strategy Officer's job is to effectively plan and implement operational strategies that are crucial to moving a company forward while eliminating inefficiencies and fostering innovation. The right CSO understands the company-wide vision, and how to synchronize the operations of individual departments within an organization. This person asks the questions no one else wants to ask, and deals with company issues that other members are not equipped to handle, while maintaining loyalty to the company's global vision. 

 The CSO has responsibilities within every area of the company. When all aspects of an organization are synchronized for optimal productivity and efficiency, a culture of innovation emerges. It is the CSO's challenging task to assess and implement integrated internal and external success applications. For organizations that are struggling to increase productivity, meet benchmarks, or just improve processes, it is imperative that a dynamic, driven, and experienced individual be at the help of these operations.