Specialized Solutions for Greater Success. Working with Companies to Improve Performance & Profitability.
“Through my experience in executive management and consulting roles, I have developed 7 unique business models that when combined with the right approach, result in improved company and individual performance. These models also help reveal the most appropriate starting points for reaching goals within the shortest time frame.” 

-Shawn Healy, Founder & President

At It’s Time Solutions, we consult every organization with a creative individualized approach. We understand that all our clients possess the potential to experience a greater degree of success with the right tools. By working with employees and management, individual and company performance is improved through the implementation of the following services that we provide:

  • Strategy Development​
  • Executive Consulting
  • Team Training
  • Personal Coaching

We offer a turn-key solution that encompasses both consulting and coaching based upon each client’s needs. Consulting includes assessing the organization as a whole, including internal and external factors related to achieving company objectives. Coaching involves the individuals of the company and provides one-on-one support in helping to align the vision and goals of the individual to the vision and goals of the company. The appropriate combination of consulting and coaching will create an environment in which performance and fulfillment are enhanced for the longevity of both the organization and employee.