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About Us: Approach

At It's Time Solutions we consult every organization with a creative individualized approach to enhance success. We understand that all our clients possess the potential to experience a greater degree of success with the appropriate tools. Whether we are referring to the organization or the individuals who make up the company, It's Time Solutions understands what it takes to effectively change overall company culture. We know that every employee will make crucial (sometimes strategic) decisions every day; therefore, we work with every department and employee to fully train, refine, and inform them how to function effectively.

At It's Time Solutions we believe that "Everything Counts." Everything starts with the individual. Providing the individual with the optimal skills and environment to reach their full potential, and empowering them with a sense of purpose, builds a bridge to a passion for that purpose. This process is accomplished through a special hybrid of consulting and coaching that Shawn Healy has developed over the last 18 years.

We believe every individual is designed for success. However, the definition of "success" will vary from person to person and from company to company. We will help you discover the keys held by individuals and the company to help align the vision and goals of the individual to the vision and goals of the company.

"One area differentiating It's Time Solutions from other consultants is our holistic look at every facet of our client's organization. We understand that a full assessment is essential for both short-term goals and long-term success. By utilizing our proven strategies, which address, uncover, and formulate ways to solve critical challenges, we ensure that no stone goes unturned."

- Shawn Healy, Founder & President, Its Time Solutions